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Apples for Alice
Well I dont know who I am at the moment you see
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15th-Aug-2012 03:35 pm - Welcome part 2
alice says no (c) apples4alice

Ok I have too many people trying to add me on my last post so comment here to be added
Xo Alice

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13th-Aug-2012 02:46 am(no subject)
alice says no (c) apples4alice

I made a twitter account! apples4alice (of course) or you can find it under Alice Franklin if anybody has an account and wants to add me. It's pretty much just an easy way of posting pics and short msgs for me, and it seems more people use it over rather then Facebook.

I will get around to commenting when it's not 2.46am lol

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29th-Apr-2012 10:52 pm(no subject)
alice says no (c) apples4alice

She pulls me in from deep inside,
In the warmth I try to hide,
I know what I want what I need most,
But I can't have it I'm only the host,
The demon formed inside of me,
It took my strength and reason to see,
I know what waits if I surcome to her,
But my brain tunes out I'm not but a blur,
It takes and takes and gives me less,
It's not a gift but a curse she did bless,
My organs fail one by one,
But she rejoices pain is her fun,
I can't reach in and purge her out,
I sit and wither, grow pale and pout,
I want to fight I want to win,
But not as much as I want to be thin,
So for tonight I'll let it be,
And tomorrow I will try to see,
A way to be light and win the fight,
With all my strength and all my might,
Tomorrow may be far away,
So until then I just hope and pray,
She screams at me to be fat is to sin,
But I know one day that I will win

I got bored whilst having a smoke so made a little poem to give a little hope xo Alice

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28th-Feb-2012 06:52 pm - Edu day 14
alice says no (c) apples4alice

This is a public post, the Internet on my phone is not working as well as it should so to those trying to add me, I apologize and will add you as soon as possible.

To those who are commenting thank you, you have no idea how much it means to sign into my email and see that some people still care about me.

I was going to ask the ultimate question...will you still care when I'm not the perfect angel of death...the lack of people's interest now has already answered that, disappointing but I knew it would come - pro Ana and recovery don't go hand in hand.

I will do a proper post a little later, things have been a little crazy this last week.

Love to you all always - Alice

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5th-Oct-2011 11:46 pm - Read to join
alice says no (c) apples4alice
So this is an open journal that follows my day to day battle with eating disorders, I'm an anorexic who simply put does not eat, and no I'm not fasting I see fasting as an intended planned act I'm simply and literally scared to death of food. The only reason this is not public for those who did not see my profile is that I don't want somebody stumbling across this and getting triggered. If you want to read just leave a comment here and I will be happy to add you.
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